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About Holarsys

We specialize mainly in projects related to the fields of electronics, mechanics, programming, automation, robotics and the implementation of specialized modules combining these fields.

We execute projects from concept through implementation to mass production, adapting to customer expectations and requirements.

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Our Services

Robotics  and specialized equipment

What distinguishes the team is the possibility of comprehensive design and implementation of devices including electronic, mechanical and software aspects. The team has extensive experience in the design of flying and mobile robots.



The team has extensive competence in the fields of printed circuit design and specialized electronic systems design and programming.


We produce the mechanics from the 3D design phase to the production of complete prototypes. Thanks to the own machine shop, the components are made up to date, enabling quick verification of projects and reducing customer waiting time to order.


The team specializes mainly in the programming of real-time electronic circuits, in particular onboard avionics for multi-rotor flying platforms and other mobile robots.


Our Team

Our team consists of engineers, programmers and analysts in order to ensure complex and efficient execution of orders. Thanks to the pedantic approach to product design and manufacture, customers gain perfect results, appreciated by the customers.

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Telephone: +48 693 342 304

ul. Obornicka 26
62-002 Złotniki